A good death does honour to a whole life, and every death is different

Tender Funerals services offer a comprehensive range of operations, information and support. We work with you to do as much as you feel comfortable doing and will sensitively assist when required. Most importantly, we give you the opportunity to say goodbye in a way that is meaningful to you.  Our services can assist you with:

Mortuary care at our premises

We can transfer your loved one to our premises where our skilled staff will respectfully care for them on your behalf. We help you make an informed decision about the level of care that is in line with your personal needs, values and beliefs.


We provide full assistance with the medical paperwork relating to a death including registration of the official Death Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages.


We can organise appropriate transport for your loved one. We use vans which are fitted out for respectful coffin transportation, however if a hearse is requested we can hire one on your behalf.



We can help with the ceremony as much or as little as you require. There is no legal requirement for you to use a celebrant but we can help with this if you wish. We work with you to create the perfect goodbye for your loved one.

Cremation and burial

We provide advice on all cremation and burial options and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf at a crematorium or cemetery of your choice. After a cremation the ashes are returned to the person nominated by you and can be interred in a cemetery, placed in an urn or scattered at a site meaningful to you.

Funeral pre-planning

We can assist you to make the arrangements for your own funeral. This can be done in a variety of ways including our facilitating a conference with family and friends or simply arranging to have a conversation with us. 

Home care

We have a home-based funeral facilitation service which you can use even if we are not engaged as your funeral director. Home-based care makes it possible for your loved one to lie in their own home or somewhere with a personal connection to them or to you for up to five days.

Holding a vigil and/or viewing

Our premises are specifically designed to provide a comfortable, home-like space for you and your community to spend as much time as you need with your loved one. You can also have a vigil at home if that would feel more comfortable.

Authentic and culturally appropriate funeral services

We will work with you and your community to ensure that your cultural, family or community traditions are respected and met. We are happy to arrange interpreters if required but suggest that you bring a family or community member to assist.

Venue advice

We can advise on possible locations for the ceremony and organise a venue on your behalf if required. We will advocate for you to access a venue that is meaningful to you and your family. 

Cool plate / cool cot

We offer cool plates and a cool cot for families who choose to have their loved one at home for a period of time straight after death or before the funeral or burial.

Artists and musicians in residence

Through our artist and musician in residence program we offer a direct experience of the transformative power of art. You, your family and your community have the opportunity to work with skilled artists and musicians to assist you farewell your loved one.