Pre-arranging a funeral

Pre-arranging a funeral

Tender Funerals does not offer pre-paid funerals. As an alternative, we can work with you to pre-arrange your funeral. This means:

  • We will make an appointment with you to talk through your wishes and fill out the paperwork. You can decide about things like whether you want a burial or cremation, where you want the ceremony to be held and who you would like to conduct the service – it is a conversation about what you want.
  • You will need to bring with you some historical information about your family, such as your parents’ names, dates of birth and occupations.
  • You will receive a copy of the arrangement. You can make changes and update it at any time. If you pre-arrange your funeral with Tender, you are not committed to having your funeral with Tender.
  • It is worth talking to your family and community before pre-arranging your funeral to make sure they are clear about what you want, and you know what is important and helpful to them.
  • It is very important to be clear about the executor of your Will. They will be responsible for ensuring your wishes are carried out if there is any disagreement amongst family.
  • The other element of pre-arranging a funeral is arranging to save or pay ahead for the funeral – see options below.

Why would you pre-arrange your funeral?

Pre-arranging your funeral means you can be very clear with your family and community about your wishes. This may be the kindest thing you can do for them. It means they are not responsible for guessing what you might want and are able to carry out your wishes as a final gift to you. It also means they can focus on their own grieving and bereavement knowing they have done the right thing for you.

Why would you pay ahead or save for your funeral? 

If you want a particular kind of funeral, or you want to be buried, your family will need to find a way of paying for it. The most expensive part of burial is buying the burial plot. Costs of burial plots vary depending on the geographic area, the type of plot and the internment fee. In NSW the cost of a burial plot, including the internment fee, can range from approximately $6,000 to $20,000 (not including a headstone). So, it can be very helpful to your family to pay ahead or save for these expenses ahead of time.

How can you pay ahead or save for your funeral? 

You can:

  • Buy a burial plot.
  • Use a savings account. Let your family know about this, as they will only be able to access funds from your account to pay for your funeral.
  • Take out a funeral bond.

How does a funeral bond work? 

A funeral bond is a savings product that enables you save for funeral expenses. You pay a deposit then make regular payments over time, and your money grows in value with interest.

You can start a funeral bond by making a single lump sum contribution or with a regular instalment plan. The money in a funeral bond can only be used to pay for your funeral – you can’t take it out earlier.

You can buy a funeral bond from a friendly society or a life insurer. Funeral bonds are not widely advertised so you will need to ask for it specifically. Ensure you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and understand the costs before you sign up.

Tender Funerals does not recommend a specific funeral bond provider. Two providers we are familiar with are Australian Unity and Australian Friendly Society. However, we encourage you to do your research, decide if a funeral bond is right for you and find the financial institution and product that meets your needs.

For more about funeral bonds see