At Tender Funerals we are committed to providing quality coffins that are beautiful and affordable.  Below is our standard offering, however we have a range of suppliers who can provide a diverse variety of caskets and coffins.  Ask us if you prefer something else.

Wicker Coffins


These beautiful wicker coffins by Greenature are perfect for hand-decorating with flowers, ribbons and momentos.

Priced at $896.50 incl. GST, also available in an infant size, priced at $346.50 incl. GST.  They have:

  • Pillow filled with dried natural sugar cane
  • Biodegradable bamboo fibre lining
  • Solid Bamboo frame
  • WFTO approved craftsman

Cardboard Coffin


This simple Daisy Box cardboard coffin/casket with rope handles is perfect for decorating, painting and/or drawing on, favoured by environmentalists.

Priced at just $132.00 incl. GST

Teak Coffin


This stylish coffin looks beautiful with its decorative handles, affording a tasteful and traditional feel. Manufactured from MDF with a teak vaneer finish.

Priced at just $500.50 incl. GST

Rosewood Coffin


A stylish highly polished coffin with decorative handles, manufactured from MDF with a rosewood vaneer finish.

Priced at just $522.50 incl. GST