Making News

Making News

“Port Kembla’s Tender Funerals exhibition and album launch”

Reporter: Desiree Savage
Illawarra Mercure
13 June 2019

“Wollongong event encourages open dialogue around death and dying”

Reporter: Desiree Savage
Illawarra Mercure
13 June 2019

“Woven coffins and affordable funerals as community-run funeral service breathes new life into the death trade’“

Reporter: Sarah Moss
ABC Illawarra
3 April 2019

“Jennie Briscoe-Hough: We have to give up on the idea of ‘what will I get out of it’ ”

Reporter: Caroline Baum
The Guardian
24 March 2018

“Best of 2018: Jenny Briscoe-Hough”

Reporter: Richard Fidler
ABC – Conversations
11 December 2018

“Not-for-profit plan for more affordable and meaningful funerals in Canberra region”

Reporter: Ian Bushnell
Riot Act!
1 April 2019

“Consumer advocacy group investigates the world of DIY funerals”

Reporter: James Hall
29 May 2019

“Tender’ Funerals To Make a Difference”

Reporter: Lina Cavena
Probone Australia
27 August 2014

“Non-traditional funerals are changing how families and loved ones say goodbye”

Reporter: Julie Power
Sydney Morning Herald
18 March 2017

“Documentary Tender looks at Port Kembla’s efforts to provide not-for-profit funerals”

Reporter: Emily Lawrence and Sue Daniel
ABC News
9 June 2014

“Tender Funerals: Port Kembla community throws support behind affordable funeral parlour”

Reporter: William Verity
ABC News
25 January 2016