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Secure, stable and innovative technology that goes the distance

ANC’s technology vision is to enable secure and resilient capabilities to achieve interoperability, information sharing and collaboration for ANC and our clients. Our IT objective is to develop and maintain an information technology environment which facilitates business improvements and provides transformational changes for ANC, our clients and their customers.

ANC’s overarching technology strategy is centred around secure, stable and innovative technology to transform ANC service capabilities by enabling rapid delivery to all our people through the best hardware and software ensuring access to all critical data, anywhere, anytime, thus enabling visibility and accountability throughout a complex delivery supply chain. This accessibility ensures ANC continues to provide excellent service to our clients in customer experience led last mile delivery.

Seamless connectivity through our sophisticated Freight Management System

Our advanced and integrated transport technologies are anchored in our Freight Management System (FMS) which integrates allows for seamless collaboration between the following functions and features: online client bookings, FMS dashboard, customer notifications, allocation, manifesting, safety, dialogue with delivery teams, client reporting and invoicing.

We refer to our highly sophisticated Freight Management System as the ‘brain’, the hub of intelligence, that connects our business operations, clients’ objectives, customer expectations, delivery teams requirements and delivery routing.

The information available through FMS delivers detailed analysis and reporting to enable ANC and our clients to continuously review and improve our operations and business objectives.The visibility through FMS with transparency of data and accurate reporting, ensures we work in true partnership with our clients and can protect and enhance their brand reputation throughout the supply chain.

Four pillars to our Freight Management System

ANC Freight Management System (FMS) is the technology for:

Please explore each section to comprehensively understand how ANC’s last mile delivery technology takes a complex supply chain and delivers confidence, visibility and business advantage.

Technology that integrates a true partnership

At ANC we value the importance of true intellectual partnerships with our clients. Our Freight Management System (FMS) supports these partnerships by securely integrating client data to ensure ANC operations can deliver last mile excellence.

We securely receive and integrate client data in multiple ways (sFTP, Soap, API ) and multiple formats (XML, CSV, flat file ). The integrity of this data ultimately ensures the last mile customer experience and quality reporting for continuous business improvements for our clients and ANC.

Importance of transparency and partnership

Through the integration of client data, a seamless process from customer order to delivery is achieved with an improved experience for all including – the client, customer, delivery team and ANC. A seamless process improves data quality, reduces time throughout the supply chain and delivers business advantage to the client in multiple ways.

Our technology and client systems integration enables ANC and our clients:

  • the ability to scale quickly as seen throughout COVID-19 with some of our valued clients increasing delivery volumes by 400-700%.
  • access to FMS Dashboard (below) featuring quick key visuals with colour, job details accessible from map drop points including driver location and event codes
  • real time visibility on delivery activity including issues which ensures we are able to fast track a resolution
  • visibility and confidence through Track and Trace demonstrating a job as it progresses with GPS location of delivery team for real time status
  • seamless real time information back to the client’s system enabling focus and efficiency.
  • Customer visibility on their delivery as it aproaches (or is this section just for client benefits)

FMS Dashboard

Client Track and Trace

Bespoke Technology Solutions

ANC proudly builds bespoke technology solutions according to the client’s unique business and delivery requirements. Our technology customisation recognises that there are different ways of doing things for different clients according to their brand and business objectives, and unique customer experience in the last mile delivery. ANC has delivered bespoke integrated technology to Bunnings Warehouse, IKEA, Williams-Sonoma, JB HiFi, The Good Guys, Pet Circle and most recently Kogan.

Talk to ANC today about your specific requirements.

Supporting dynamic business operations – on and off the road

ANC’s technology supports an international team of delivery professionals on and off the road – our employees and contractor owner drivers. Our technology platforms are designed and built to serve the unique needs of each team, who have different requirements to ensure seamless integration and reporting throughout our business, and our clients including safety & compliance, Hub Mobile App, Route Optimisation with PTV and PowerBi Dashboard to name a few.

ANC have recently added a collaboration sites for one of our valued client’s Pet Circle – the ability to share office documents (Word, Excel) seamlessly between business.

ANC Delivery Team Technology

ANC has two main technological competitive advantages in our last mile delivery solutions which means our clients have these two advantages too.

ANC has two technological competitive advantages that our clients are able to capitalise on when partnering with us in the last mile delivery

HubMobile App

ANC uses the HubMobile App to connect 1000+ contractor drivers to our business operations. This technology is remarkably powerful in taking the complexity of operations and communicating the essential and critical delivery requirements directly into the hands of our delivery professionals.

The HubMobile App provides visibility of delivery at all stages and provides the delivery team with:

  • Safety check list for driver team and vehicle (daily compliance requirement)
  • COVID check list (daily compliance requirement)
  • Fast and efficient communication with ANC in real time
  • Event codes with delivery details e.g. difficult access, called customer, not at home…
  • Bulk pick up and bulk delivery for multiple jobs to/from a point
  • Visibility of location
  • Maps with instructions on how to get to the delivery location
  • Barcode scanning
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) with customer signature and GEOtagged photos (automated if required)
  • Issues notifications and rectification
  • Installation and delivery check list to complete and close jobs
  • SMS updates to customers

The HubMobile App delivers real time reporting back to ANC operations and our clients to ensure security of products and people throughout the fast-paced supply chain.

Route Optimiser by PTV

Route optimisation has a direct impact on supply chain and delivery logistics flow efficiencies, safety and compliance. It maximises vehicle capabilities and in turn reduces client costs. The effective outcome of the algorithm used to calculate the most efficient route solution takes multiple variables into account: freight profile, weight, volume, time window and zones, delivers sizeable benefits to some of our most valuable stakeholders in the delivery supply chain.

ANC’s Route Optimiser by PTV has demonstrated a 99.5% accurate on time delivery performance.

The powerful combination of the algorithms and pre-determined parametres (handling time, drive time, driver team skill set, service codes) are all customisable by client based on client service level agreements.

Benefits to the Client and ANC

  • Risk mitigation through weight and working hour contractor compliance management
  • Strategic fleet deployment
  • Reduces time to manifest route and sequence work for each driver
  • Geocoding to address level gives accurate address information for successful delivery first time
  • Time window accuracy and delivery
  • Safety and chain of responsibility compliance
  • Route accuracy and efficiency for more immediate customer service
  • Vehicle Utilisation e.g. using Route Optimiser by PTV we were able to increase the number of deliveries per vehicle, increase density on each vehicle
  • Scalable Routing e.g. more order with minimum impact on routing time and processing
  • Reverse logistics (customer returns) minimised, including reduced claims and damages
  • ETA compliance to first time promise = improved customer delivery times.

Benefits to the Delivery Teams

  • Consistent and increased earnings
  • Decreased wear and tear on the vehicle
  • Reduced total kilometres
  • Increased total deliveries
  • Less fuel and emissions
  • Route to home location

ANC have a number of large valued clients leveraging this technology and its benefits, including IKEA, Pet Circle, The Good Guys, Bunzl, Miele and Williams Sonoma to name a few.

If you would like to learn more please contact ANC today

Example of Route Optimisation by PTV

Route Optimisation by PTV can reduce 8 vehicles to 5 vehicles

Eight Vehicle Solution

Five Vehicle Solution

Examples of Efficiency Impacts on Emissions

If you would like one of our Business Development Managers to take you through ANC’s last mile delivery technology, please contact us today.

The ultimate delivery experience for the customer

ANC’s integrated transport Freight Management System (FMS) technology ultimately delivers a better last mile delivery experience to the customer.

Our experience and research have demonstrated the customer cares most about choice and control at point of purchase, and visibility and communication at point of delivery. With this in mind, we have developed two key technologies in our last mile delivery solution – uPlan and Next Stop ETA.

ANC’s Unique Technology uPlan

ANC’s uPlan is a unique technology only available through ANC.

ANC’s uPlan was designed and developed to deliver the ultimate customer experience from point of sale through to the last mile delivery ‘door step’ moment.

ANC’s uPlan works by sending the customer an SMS with a link to a web page. The webpage will offer the customer a selection of delivery days. The customer then has the choice of delivery day based on their schedule. ANC works with the client to ensure that the options offered to their customers are inline with their service offer.

Fundamentally the customer has control, choice and visibility of their goods and how they want them delivered. This gives clients (and ANC) confidence that we can deliver on the promise of protecting and enhancing brand value and reputation in by ensuring the customer delivery experience is always positive.

ANC’s uPlan has proven positive impacts including:

  • 78% of customers choosing delivery window within 60 minutes of receiving the SMS
  • 97% of customers choosing a delivery window within 24 hours
  • futiles falling 50%.

Our powerful technology integrated with our client data ensures delivery days are dynamic. ANC’s uPlan will only show the customer what is available at the time the customer actions their delivery choice.

If you would like to learn more about this unique technology delivering the ultimate customer experience, please contact ANC today.

The Final Measure – Net Promoter Score

Our goal is to make every delivery experience world-class.

To achieve a world-class delivery experience, it requires delivery drivers to be professional and equipped with the right training andcorrect tools to be the face of ANC and our client brands.

ANC evaluates our delivery performance with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) – a metric designed to measure customer loyalty and brand reputation. NPS is a powerful and globally recognised benchmark of a company’s service performance. ANC uses the NPS to recognise and reward delivery excellence, while continuously reviewing the data for areas for development and training.

ANC manages the complete, integrated and seamless process, including our unique ‘thank you’ cards to educate the customer about the NPS process. Our net promotor score measurement is three fold:

  • driver NPS measuring individual driver’s delivery performance so we can recognise and reward excellence, and train and develop areas of improvement
  • client NPS measuring client specific delivery performances.

ANC proudly delivers a consistent world-class NPS of +65, with some outstanding results for Miele +100, JB Hi-Fi Group +75, Bunnings Warehouse +65, Williams-Sonoma +65, IKEA +61 and Barbeques Galore +59, to boast about just a few. (based on 12 months to March 2021).

Next Stop ETA with SMS Notifications

Next Stop ETA, another unique piece of customer service technology, does exactly what it says – informing the customer of the delivery teams estimated time of arrival upon completion of their last delivery. The delivery team will send the customer an SMS confirming exact time and location of their delivery and including photo identification of the delivery driver.

Next Stop ETA helps to protect brand reputation in the last mile delivery, by providing clarity and confidence to the customer and removes cost implications and time-consuming customer enquiries to ANC and client.

Additional benefits to the Next Step ETA technology is its ability to create a positive relationship with the customer before the ANC delivery team arrives and proven to positively influence NPS results.

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