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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

ANC delivers new 100% electric vehicles to New South Wales home delivery market

ANC has launched three commercial electric vehicles, dedicated to last mile home delivery services in New South Wales. The introduction of these 100% electric vehicles is part of our strategy to introduce a sustainable transportation alternative to our clients and customers.

ANC Ikea EVs

Hear about our journey to delivering these EVs and some of the many environmental and business benefits of electric vehicles.

After three years research and investigating over 40 global manufacturers, ANC arrived at a solution specific to the Australian landscape and marketplace. ANC’s electric vehicles (EV) comprise a Hino 917 Series truck base built without a motor, gearbox, and exhaust, replaced with SEA Drive 120a electric components by Australian-based SEA Electric and a custom designed cargo box. The modular electric driveline enables the replacement of individual components as technology advances, extending the vehicle’s lifecycle.

Key Benefits of 100% Electric Vehicles

  • Zero emissions – saving an estimated 36 metric tonnes CO2 saved annually per truck (compared to a diesel vehicle)
  • Longer life battery packs with end-of-life 99.7% recyclable (or repurposed as battery storage for solar PV in housing in China)
  • Overall weight of the truck lighter (motor, gearbox, exhaust, fuel weight removed) with payload weight for cargo increase 400kg-500kg
  • Electric vehicles use 33-40% less energy per kilometre compared to diesel trucks (energy measured in Mega Joules per Kilometre)
  • Capable of 350km from one charge, fully loaded – significantly more than other EVs
  • Electric vehicles can use electricity produced from renewable sources
  • Less noise in our metropolitan urban environments
  • More cost effective to run compared to diesel
  • Less maintenance compared to diesel
  • Custom designed and built cargo box, better equipped to carry bulky goods
  • Taller cargo box at 2.5metres which allows for a larger number of bulky goods to be packed vertically, enabling an average 17 deliveries per run, compared to the standard 10-12 deliveries per run
  • Cargo box with built-in padded wall racking to secure and protect the goods in transit
  • A Kemlite roof allows natural light into the box for greater safety when delivery professionals load and unload the goods
  • Improved driver experience (less noise, less heat, less vibrations, roomier cab) supports CoR objectives including fatigue and the last mile customer experience

ANC’s electric vehicles are the first to market in New South Wales for last mile home delivery, and proudly in partnership with IKEA including cobranding. Read about the launch in March 2019 as featured in the Australian Financial Review and other transport and retail media.

If you would like to discuss integrating electric vehicles into your fleet, talk to ANC today.


ANC Electric Vehicle Specifications

HINO 917 Series and SEA Drive™ 120a

















Top Speed



Up to 350km (220 miles) 

Wheel Rim

17.5 x 6.00





Tapered leaf springs with shock absorbers & stabilisers


Ventilated disc brakes front & rear

100% Electric Drivetrain 120a


Permanent Magnet Motor

Maximum Power


Continuous Power


Maximum Torque



95.0% peak efficiency


Battery Capacity


Life Cycle

10+ years

Cell Type

Lithium-Ion (LiNiMnCoO) – known as NMC

Charging Power

32 Amp three phase with 22kW maximum charging

Charging Time

Up to 6 hours

CO Saved Annually

36 metric tonnes per truck  (compared to diesel)

Note: Estimates based on manufacturer specifications. Precise data being aggregated from fleet in-market performance.

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