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Corporate Delivery Fleet

Corporate Delivery Fleet

We put our stamp of extraordinary on your B2B deliveries

ANC is the delivery partner to some of the most successful corporate, manufacturing and industrial companies in Australia.

Learn about the tailored services and vast expertise we provide – and how we can benefit your business as your dedicated distribution partner.

100% customised delivery service solutions

As corporate delivery experts, we aim to make a genuine difference to every client’s business.

This means:

  • deeply understanding your products, customers and systems
  • analysing and improving your existing delivery processes
  • ensuring the right match of delivery drivers and vehicles
  • training our drivers in your specific requirements
  • confidently and safely transporting goods that may be complex, fragile or urgently required
  • providing branded or co-branded vehicles and uniforms, if required
  • measuring and reporting on your real-time, productive KPIs.

It’s a level of tailored service and expertise that our corporate partners value enormously.

Read what ALM, Cement Australia, Laminex and Telstra say about their ANC delivery service experience.

Why choose our corporate delivery dedicated fleet service?

Save money and no more headaches

  • No managing contractors or multiple suppliers
  • No outlaying capital for vehicles
  • No employing delivery drivers

Flexible fleet size

  • We increase capacity during busy periods
  • Give drivers other work during quiet times

Know what’s happening – always

You partner with the delivery experts

  • 90+ years experience
  • Clients can focus on what they do best
  • Less work for more efficiencies and savings

And a trusted brand ambassador

  • Impeccable, courteous, knowledgeable delivery drivers
  • Branded or co-branded vehicles (optional).
  • Branded or co-branded uniforms (optional).