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current as of 30 November 2021

What are ANC's hourly rates?

Rates vary based on vehicle type, client and type of work, days per week and location. Please see our Delivery Drivers Potential Earnings Table for further details.

What is the potential income per week by vehicle type?

Rates vary based on vehicle type, client and type of work, days per week and the location. As a guide potential earnings for a one-man team per week can range from:

Delivery Drivers Potential Earnings
1 Tonne Ute $1200 – $2500
1 Tonne Van $1200 – $2000
2 Tonne Van $1200 – $2800
6 Pallet Pantech $2500 – $4000
8 Pallet Pantech $2500 – $4000
10 Pallet Pantech $2500 – $4000
Bunnings Utes $1200 – $3000
Bunnings Cranes $3000 – $5500

Potential earnings as at 30 November 2021

Please check our CURRENT VACANCIES to find out more and apply now to join Team ANC.

What are ANC’s vaccination requirements?

ANC encourages all its people, employees, and drivers, to get vaccinated against COVID-19. We do so because we believe that is our best strategy to protect our people, their families, and the community. However, vaccinations are not mandatory unless stipulated by Government e.g. NSW workers in construction, aged care, aviation etc. Drivers delivering into these areas also need to comply, so please check your State based regulations.

Does ANC have weekend work available?

ANC does have weekend work available for contractor Owner Drivers with fit for purpose vehicles. You can earn more when working on weekends!

How many days a week can I work?

ANC delivers 7 days a week. Depending on your vehicle and the type or work and client, you can work up to six days a week. It is essential that delivery drivers take the required time to rest and avoid fatigue, so there is a legislated limit on the number of hours and days a delivery driver can work consecutively. (Please note ANC applies NHVR standard hours requiring a 24-hour continuous break in a 7 day period.)

What hours does a Delivery Driver need to work?

A typical day for a Contractor Owner Driver starts early (6am loading), and finishes early, but it all depends on the individual and their ability to load and deliver efficiently and safely. (Please note ANC applies NHVR standard hours only working a maximum of 12 hours in a 24 hour period. Except IKEA who have a maximum 10 hour work day applied.)

Can I become a Delivery Driver?

ANC is now hiring Contractor Owner Drivers. Please read about what it takes to BECOME A DRIVER and check out our CURRENT VACANCIES and apply now.

Does ANC pay for fuel and vehicle maintenance?

ANC hire contractor Owner Drivers so fuel and vehicle maintenance are the responsibility of the Driver however we have mutually beneficial agreements including fuel levies, wait fees, and more. ANC has partnered with Shell Card entitling ANC drivers who sign up to an attractive fuel discount offer available at 1250 sites nationally.

Does ANC have work for other vehicles – semi trailers etc?

Based on our current client requirements, ANC is hiring Owner Drivers with commercial fit for purpose vehicles – utes, vans, Pantech trucks, crane trucks, tautliners and small flatbed trucks. Check out our CURRENT VACANCIES to see what our current needs are.

If I don’t own a vehicle, can ANC help me get one?

ANC recruit Contractor Owner Drivers with a fit-for-purpose vehicle, or contractor drivers willing to hire a vehicle. ANC does not arrange or source the vehicle. Once you’re successfully through the interview process, ANC will provide a simple guide on hiring a fit-for-purpose commercial vehicle and access to our attractive vehicle hire corporate discount with our vehicle hire partners Budget, Thrifty and Hertz. For more information visit our website.

Do Owner Drivers need an ABN number?

You will need an ABN to work as a Contractor Owner Driver for ANC.

Do Owner Drivers have to pay GST?

We are a national business operating predominantly in the metropolitan areas of every capital city around Australia including NSW, QLD, ACT, VICT, SA and WA.

Does ANC have regional or rural work opportunities?

ANC do require Contractor Owner Drivers in key regional areas connected to major metropolitan cities e.g. Blue Mountains and Wollongong in NSW. Please APPLY NOW and our recruiters will determine where and when we can engage your services.

Can I do a ride-a-long with one of your current Contractor Owner Drivers to ‘try before I buy’?

Yes. As part of our Observer Program you can experience what it is like to be an Owner Driver with ANC. Before you can join the Observer Program you will need to go through the application and interview process so APPLY NOW and see how much you will love the freedom, flexibility and physical work. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is there an age limit on the required vehicle?

Generally, there is no age limit on the vehicle, provided it is a commercial vehicle, fit-for-purpose and well maintained. However, vehicles such as Crane Trucks that are older than 10 years comes as a significant cost to the contractor. (exception: IKEA fleet require vehicle to be less than 10 years old)

Does my vehicle have to be white?

ANC prefer our fleet to be white or silver, with no existing branding. However, we’re more interested in quality Contractor Owner Drivers joining our fleet so please APPLY NOW and we can determine where your vehicle can serve in our fleet.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

No. There are no lock-in contracts at ANC.

What Insurances do I need to be a Contractor Owner Driver?

There are several insurances you will need to obtain and provide while working as a Contractor Owner Driver with ANC. You will need to provide Certificate of Currency for:

  • Public Liability (minimum $20,000,000 per occurrence)
  • Full Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Carriers / Marine Transit Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation insurance (in some cases).

Public Liability Insurance
Public Liability Insurance covers you and your business for losses or damage that a third party suffers (or claims to have suffered) as a result of your business activities. A Public Liability policy is contractually required by ANC’s clients therefore, every Contractor is required to have an insurance policy for Public Liability, which forms part of the Contract of Carriage that you will have with the company. If you require assistance with your Public Liability Insurance as a Contractor, ANC’s insurance broker, BJS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd can provide you with an obligation-free quote to consider.

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance
CTP Insurance is compulsory for all vehicles in Australia and a vehicle cannot be registered without it. This insurance indemnifies vehicle owners and drivers of that vehicle who are legally liable for personal injury to any person in the event of a motor vehicle accident. It does not cover property damage.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance
Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance cover damage to your vehicle, damage to other vehicles, damage to or loss of property and theft of your vehicle.

Carriers Liability Insurance (Goods in Transit)
Carrier Liability Insurance (often known as Marine Transit Insurance) covers the damage to the freight/product that is being carried. This could be due to an act of God (weather related), or act of the shipper (improper packaging or loading). In these two cases, the carrier cannot be at fault.

ANC has not made it compulsory for the Contractor to have their own Carrier Liability Insurance but part of the contract agreement that the Contractor signs confirms that the Contractor is fully responsible for all damages that occur during their delivery. If the Contractor chooses not to have their own Carrier Liability Insurance, ANC can assist them in the following way:

  • If damages do occur and the Contractor is not covered, ANC requires the Contractor to pay the first $1000 for any damages that has occurred; and
  • ANC does not request any fees from the Contractor for this policy and the assistance.

Workers Compensation Insurance
If you are one of the following, you must have Workers Compensation Insurance:

  • a Contractor who owns and operates multiple vehicles; or
  • a Contractor who employs a Driver or Offsider; or
  • a Contractor who is a Company.

You must supply the following:

  • a current Certificate of Currency from your Workers Compensation Insurer, and
  • a completed ‘Contractor’s Statement’ (NSW only).

PLEASE NOTE: Some State or Territory Workcover Acts, state that an Owner Driver/Independent Contractor is not covered by the Principal
Contractor’s (ANC) workers compensation insurance. Therefore, the Contractor should discuss this with ANC’s recruiters and must ensure
they have suitable cover for themselves and their employees.

Do I need full work rights?

Yes, you do need to have full Australian work rights.

For student visa holders or their family members, the type of study that the visa holder is undertaking will determine the hours of work they or their family are permitted to work.

If the driver is undertaking a

  • Masters by Research, they can work unlimited hours; and if
  • Masters by Coursework, they can work unlimited hours only during the semester holidays. Otherwise, they are restricted to 40 hours per fortnight.

As a family member the following is permitted to work;

  • Must not start work until the primary visa holder has commenced their course in Australia
  • Can work up to 40 hours per fortnight at all times unless the primary visa holder has commenced a course towards a masters or doctoral degree and holds a Student visa (subclass 500). In this case there is no limit on the number of hours a family member might work.

With the Australian Government frequently amending and updating rules around Visa’s, these arrangements are subject to change without notice. Please get in touch with our recruiters who will be able to help determine your eligibility if unsure.

Does ANC pay tolls?

Unless there is a mandatory legal obligation to use certain toll roads or ANC requests you to use a toll road in writing, ANC does not pay tolls. However, you are not expected to use toll roads.

Do I need a state-based drivers licence?

Yes. As a Contractor Owner Driver you will need an Australian state-based drivers licence. If you are moving interstate or recently arrived from overseas, you should know that each State Government applies a 3-month time limit to change your driver’s licence over to the relevant State, so the sooner you commence the change process, the better!

Do Contractor Owner Drivers you need a current Police Check ?

Yes. To obtain current police check in the most efficient and cost- effective way, ANC can help with access to Crimcheck (there is a small fee for Crimcheck services, ANC is not involved or remunerated by Crimcheck)

Do I need prior delivery experience to work with ANC?

No previous experience is required to work at ANC as a Contractor Owner Driver. Team ANC is ready to train you on-the-job with risk and safety awareness and develop your delivery skills with customer service focus. For specialised vehicles, such as crane trucks, we will take extra steps to ensure you are fully ready and able to get out on the road with our clients.

What are the duties of a Delivery Driver?

The duties of a Contractor Owner Driver is to safely operate a commercial fit-for-purpose vehicle such as a ute, van, truck and crane truck and safely deliver goods from our client sites to the customers home or point of destination with professionalism and care focused on delivering a great customer experience.

How do I become a good Delivery Driver?

As a Contractor Owner Driver, you are a brand ambassador for both ANC and our clients. A good delivery driver who stands out from the rest will be professional, friendly, diligent, ready to delight customers with the delivery of the products they need, want and love.

To become one of the best you can learn from ANC. We will:

  • provide onboarding training and ongoing development training
  • support you with one of our Delivery Experience (DX) Leaders in the field
  • connect you with our fleet of drivers to learn from them.

What is the average age of a Delivery Driver

Our Contractor Owner Drivers range from 19 to 82. * Age is no barrier as long as you are strong, fit and healthy, capable to lift big and bulky goods and manoeuvre trolleys. Being a delivery driver and running your own business can be a rewarding career with a range of benefits. (as of December 2021)

What skills do you need to be a Delivery Driver?

Being a Contractor Owner Driver with ANC, you will need

  • a ‘can do’ attitude
  • ability to multi-task
  • a risk awareness and safety focus (just like us!)
  • Great communication skills – be able to speak, read, write and understand English
  • commitment to providing a world-class delivery experience to the customer
  • Australian driver’s licence
  • excellent driving record
  • unrestricted Australian work rights

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